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YangZhou Crystal Tao  Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd.
CONTACT: Mr. James Le

PHONE:+86 013852563328
                  +86 514 88989697        




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Yangzhou Fang 'en craft products Co., ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, design, production and sales of colored glaze, crystal and metal artworks. Founded in 2005. Is a professional production of glass ornaments, glass art, glass decoration brick, glass MEDALS, crystal MEDALS, crystal trophies, crystal five-pointed star, metal technology series...... And other related products to order.
Using the traditional ancient crystal dewaxing casting method of high temperature sintering glass works. This process needs to go through dozens of careful manual operations to complete, a little negligence can cause failure or defects. Chinese glaze is the perfect combination of ancient Chinese culture and modern art. It is the exquisite, delicate and implicit embodiment of Oriental people and the fusion of thought, emotion and art. The company to novel and unique ideas; Crystal clear, perfect quality and superior after-sales service for the purpose.
                      Contact Name: Mr. James le            Skype: 008615995107899              QQ:1986228720
                      Contact Name: Toufic Absi              Contact Tel:+965 99991748     WhatsApp: 008613852563328  
                      TEL:+86  013852563328          E-MAIL:       CODE:225800
                      Kuwait office: Address: Surra Block 5, Street 50, House 59, 45405, Kuwait City, Kuwait
                      Address:Crystal Road 8#,XiAnFeng Industrial Park,Baoying County,JiangSu Provice.China

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